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Lords at Home - Case study 

Lords at Home is an established independent retailer with a significant growth strategy. Since opening its first flagship store in Holland Park in 2013, it has now expanded its operation to include 5 other stores across the capital. 

The problem: 

Lords at Home has a tight knit community of loyal, local customers. However, despite this, the threat from larger retailers like Amazon cannot be ignored. Many of Lords’ customers use their shopping experience in store as a social occasion, but often do not have the means of getting larger purchases home.


On the dot approached Lords at Home with a unique proposition; to offer customers within a 5 and 10-mile radius of their stores delivery within a 1-hour timeslot their choice.
By using On the dot’s non-integrated web portal, Lords were able to offer convenient delivery to their customers from that day. These deliveries can be booked for same day, next day, or even next week.
Lords saw this as a unique opportunity to improve its offer to customers and ensure that, despite its growth, it continued to provide shoppers with the best, and easiest, retail experience.  


Leveraging On the dot to offer great customer service has helped Lords revolutionise the way its customers shop and triggered an increase in sales as a result. On the dot’s non-integrated platform has allowed Lords to achieve unprecedented operational efficiencies. Prior to outsourcing delivery, Lords was using resource from other areas in the business to fulfil deliveries. On the dot has provided Lords with a more cost effective alternative, enabling the retailer to focus resource on other areas of the business. 

“Since integrating the On the dot service, feedback from both our employees and customers has served to highlight its popularity, continually praising the professionalism of the On the dot couriers. Our customers can now shop freely without the worry of how to get purchases home and our employees rate both the flexibility and ease of the offer as exceptional, as well as the time it frees up for us to spend on other key areas of our growing business.” – Shaun Bridgeman